Monday, August 5, 2013

The last Flash fiction contest was a tough one. All of the entries were incredible, the winning one below was wonderful.

The five words were based on a novel of the battle for Britain. The air war specifically.


(5) Amy Schaefer 3:37pm
I stumbled along the frozen path. Mother nudged me onwards, hours becoming days as we fled the cacophony of bloody death. Exhausted, sick on rotten tubers – still everyone limped on. The news blackout was meaningless; the war filled our world.


The nightmare shapes of the Easter 101st Rutting Finest leapt from the shadows. I shrank back from their infamous pink-and-purple Egg eyepatches. Had they really each sacrificed an eye to the Bunny?

Blitzen stepped forward. “There’s no ransom here. Santa won’t bargain.”

“The Pole fell two days ago.” The three-stripe bunny flashed sharpened teeth. “And we’re having venison tonight.”

I loved the duality of dichotomies in her lines. "There's no ransom here. Santa won't bargain."

I submitted on that was based on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, to a degree.

     “Finest gal” sailed towards the dance, wearing nothing save her threadbare jib. Duluth had broadcast a report of rogue waves running westerly, before an untimely radio blackout.
     Taking the worn canvas sea anchor from its tube, he rigged it to the bow. The old ketch hove to, as he anticipated the blitzkrieg of three- thirty-five foot waves.
     He thought of the Edmund Fitzgerald’s crew in the murky graveyard below.  “Finest gal’s” bow knifed through the first of the three sisters*.

          “Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?”* He thought, smiling.

* Lyrics by Gordon Lightfoot.

*”Three sisters” Nautical term re: Lake Superior

I am happy with her acknowledgement, once again. I will improve my writing one line at a time.  

Special recognition for entries with a great line or lines:
"Finest Gal sailed towards the dance, wearing nothing save her threadbare jib"
french sojourn 9:31am

Cheers Hank


  1. Congrats, Hank, on an intriguing story and being recognized yet again by the Sharkly One!

    1. Hey you, Friday there will be another one: see you there? Cheers Hank

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