Thursday, August 1, 2013

Latest results for Janet Reid Flash fiction contest.

I exchanged my entry and went a little odd with a art critics entry. A rather festive entry, but what the hay? A little crass, O.K. a lot of crass, but fun.

Dear Pete Kotz;
Interim Editor @ Village Voice;

        I attended Hans Schuler’s premier art exhibit "SELF- a portrait in radical introspective" last night…. believe me; it will be his…. "last night".

       Someone compared him to some lily livered icon….and I answered;
"Darling he's more like HandyWhorehole…..Heavens!"
     Appropriately held at the new “Highline” Gallery.
      I chatted briefly with the creature running the exhibit, Alice Humphrey. You can double kiss her career goodbye.

    Sandra Pak over at Ch.7said; and I quote “"Blood, Saliva, and nudity,"

    Reminds me, make plans for tonight.

    Miss this one kiddies;

   Hated it!.....

   Your favorite art critic;


A little recognition, but beggars can't be choosers. Really enjoy the exercises in creativity. She has warned us of another in a couple days.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twice is nice Alafair Burke writing contest results!

Some terrific entries on this contest!

Special recognition for entries that were about LONG GONE!
Curt David 11:55am

french sojourn 4:32pm

Cheers Hank.

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