Sunday, November 24, 2013

Janet Reid...flash fiction contest 11-22-13 runner

Friday, November 22, 2013

I love writing contests alot!

I love my alots.
I love my alots a lot!

The alot is the creation of Allie Brosh whose new book Hyperbole and a Half generated a fist fight here at FPLM when one copy turned up early and we all wanted it.

And I know you all will want a copy too cause it's, after all, alot of book!

So, let's have a writing contest!

Usual rules:
Write a story with 100 or fewer words. (Every word counts, including the title if you use one; you don't have to)

Post the story in the comments column of this blog post when the contest is open.

The contest opens at 9am Saturday 11/23 and closes at 9am Sunday 11/24.  All times are Eastern Shark time.

[Make sure your entry appears!  There should be no lag time between posting your entry and seeing it appear. If you do NOT see your entry, tweet to me @Janet_Reid and I'll try to help you.]

Do not post anything BUT entries in the comment section, ok? If you want to offer kudos or observations, wait till the results post on Monday. (your comments will just get deleted and you don't want that)

Use the following words in your story:

So this is my entry....sorta based on the book concept Patrick Lee. (I loved his Breach trilogy)

No one chooses their lot in life… it’s a genetic crapshoot.

The five man squad flanked her. They herded her with flashlights mounted on semi-automatic rifles. She dodged their lights… like she was flammable, protected by darkness.

The girl; weak but alert… was a delicate porcelain figure in a blackened landscape, scrambling for her life.

He watched… thought of his wife and daughter that he couldn’t save last year.

Without caring about his safety… wasn’t heroic just instinctive, he swept down.  He felt the caress of angel’s feathers, as he took the girl under his wing.

Then they ran.


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