Monday, August 12, 2013

     So Janet Reid held another Flash fiction contest, see below;

The Dangerous Fiction Writing contest

I couldn't resist  a book with a literary agent protagonist.  Barbara Rogan's A DANGEROUS FICTION started as lunch reading.  Got home and could NOT stop (except for brief moments to catch my breath!) until I finished reading at midnight.

When I tell you one of the plot points is my worst fear, you'll know that the only thing to do now is have a writing contest with the book as a prize.

The usual rules:

1. Write a story using 100 words or fewer

2. Use these words in the story:


So after monkey-ing around: My entry.....

California: 1928

     The Desk Sargent wanted nothing to do with this Nob Hill jezebel. He knew, as soon as she spilled her dirty laundry, she was trouble.
     “So you’re tellin’ me, your boyfriend took off… after transferring some of your slush funds into a fictional account in Boston?”
     “If my husband finds out… I’ll have nothing… he can never know.”
     “Lady, that leaves us out … you need a private eye.”
     “A gumshoe?”
     “Heard of Sam Spade, his office is at 262 Sutter Street.”
     “Is he good?”

     “If he can find a bird… it’ll be a piece-of-cake finding a rat.”

Not bad,

Special recognition for entries that were not quite a story but still enticing:
French sojourn 10:11am

But I wonder if I should have said.

"If he can find a'll be a piece-of-cake."   
Reference to the "Maltese Falcon"

I was hoping I wasn't being to obtuse. 

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