Saturday, March 2, 2013

     Here's a few more 100 word exercises. I try to think of a situation and then capture it's essence, then trim it down.

I think I also post these to get in the habit of letting what I write, be seen.

As opposed to be obscene?

Example 5:

As the shadows grow longer in my life, I still remember that summer night.

It was my second season at the Catskills, and I had my first line to say. I must have written it 70 times, and said it 300 times aloud.

I was edgy, but I nailed it, clear voice, eyes bright and strong posture. It was magic.
“Hello my name is Oliver; I will be refilling your water glasses this evening.”

Time passes, memories cloud, but I still can feel the electricity of that night.

Why I bet there wasn't a dry mouth in the house.

Example 6:

“Heads up Tommy, that car ain’t got its lights on."

“Yeah, I see it.”

“Good Christ I knew it.”  He dials a number on his cell. "It’s Junior, behind yah… turn your goddamn headlights on, and turn that fuckin music down, you been drinkin?..... You’re drivin like a school of mackerel ….you get that alignment done like I said?”

“She drinkin?”

“Shut up….No, not you!…Some Maine trooper pulls you over, your probation officers gonna hear about it, you know?

“She goin too?”

“Shut up,…… You goin to happy hour at Rusty’s?”

“She goin?”

“Just drive, ……O.K. see ya there Ma.”

Example 7:

Nika and Mir, her reeker rat reached the rocks.
The reports of five shots echoed.

“Ha, gonna take more than that to stop a sand shark.”

She opened her rucksack and took out the gel pack claymore, then placed it in the sand.
Mir raced around her, scenting the sand.

Nika patted the sand five times and the sand shark approached.
She placed her hand in the shark’s secondary mouth and calmed the shark.

With her right hand she activated the gel cap, the shark although placated by Nika’s pulse knew she was trapped as the gel coat took hold.

     Anyway, this is what I do for fun. Cheers Hank

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